Dashboard- "Students"

Administrators and Teacher roles only

By Terry Treble
March 25, 2021

You can list students (default) or create a new student.

Student List

  • Selection box - check this for a mass assignment of Sequence/Assignment using controls at the bottom.

  • ID - unique student ID generated by the system

  • User Name

  • Real Name

  • Status - Active or Inactive. An Inactive Student does not occupy one of the student seats of the subscription plan, but all scores history and other student data is retained. (See Delete Student below)

  • Assigned - Indicates if a Sequence and Course has been assigned to that Student. This is done either by mass assignment or through the Course pane.

  • Controls - "See Scores" (of games played), "Edit", "Delete" [eyeball, writing board, trash can]

See Scores

  • The student's name and unique number are in the header.

  • Game Number - This is the unique number of the game/stage combination which is used internally by the system. (Reference this number in any support issues.)

  • Title & Stage - Game title and Learn, Play, Quiz, Challenge, or Review

  • First, Last, Best - The scores obtained first, last, and best.

  • Target Score - The target score for the game/stage. Achieving the target score on the Quiz stage indicates mastery of the concept.

  • Date - Clicking on the score or hovering over it will show the date the score was achieved.


Name - This is intended to be the student's full name, and can be last name first if desired. It is used for display to the student and in reports.

Username - This must be a unique identifier in the system, but should be simple (especially for younger students.) A warning will be displayed when attempting to create a student with a user name already in the system. One trick is to append three numbers or teacher initials to a simple username, e.g. BillyH203, or BillyHLMS. (It is good practice that student's not share this information).

Assigned Teacher - Every student is assigned to a Teacher, and a Teacher may only view and/or create students assigned to them. A student may be moved (re-assigned) to another Teacher. All scores history and other data passes to purview of the new Teacher.

[Hint - If a second Teacher needs to see student information, the two teachers may share their username and password information for that purpose. Or a "generic" teacher may be set up whose credentials are made available to more than on teacher.]

Schools sometimes find it helpful to set up class names instead of teachers, e.g., FIRST GRADE, GENERAL MUSIC, and then provide teachers with the access credentials. In this way several teachers can each review specific groups of students efficiently.

Status - A student can be toggled between Active and Inactive status. An inactive student does not occupy a student seat, and is blocked from playing games.

  • When a Student is inactive a box appears to the right. If you want the Student to automatically reactivate at a future date, put that date in the "Until Date" box. Upon that date being reached, if the Student logs in, they will automatically be re-activated.

Password - This is only used in combination with the Username, so it can be simple. It should be kept secret by the student, but multiple students could have identical passwords. Members have often used musical terms, i.e., flute, horn, keys, staff, chord, piano, etc. successfully.


Deletion of a Student erases the Student information and all scores history. If it is anticipated that a student might return then it is better to temporarily make the student "Inactive". Obviously, an inactive student could still be deleted at a later date.

Assign - Mass Assignment

Particularly for schools it is helpful to be able to add students and then assign a group or all at once to the same Sequence and Course position.

To do this from the student list panel, first use the select box to the left of the student ID to check those you wish to assign, then use the "Assign Course" dropdown to select the appropriate Sequence and starting Assignment. Then select the (orange) "Assign" box.

You can always still edit an individual student after a mass assignment to a different one.

Hide Inactive

This control toggles between showing all students and showing only active students. When there are a large number of inactive students it is helpful to hide them from view. The default is to show all students, but a simple click on this toggle will hide the inactive students.

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