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Sign-Up (Registration) and Discounts

With Coupon Details

By Terry Treble
March 22, 2021


You should find this process similar to that done by many other service providers. Click on Login/Register to add your Username, Password (a strong one will be suggested, but you can choose your own), Name, e-mail address, and optional. After registration you can use the Login to enter existing username and password.

The username and password created (registration) tie to the "Subsciber-Administratorr" role, ("Member"). The financial information is entered separately, and ties to the "Subscriber-Administrator" ("Member") role. You can find more information under General Information.

PRELUDE Default. The system will assume that you are a new user wishing to signup for the PRELUDE free trial, which requires no credit card. If you start with PRELUDE you may upgrade to SOLO or ENSEMBLE (see Changing Plans). Otherwise, subscribe right away to the paid plan of your choice.


When you Register (Login) and choose your plan, you will be directed to set up your subscription credit card payment information at Checkout. You will enter: Full Name, Subscription Start Date, and Credit card information. During this process enter one of the following coupon codes in the appropriate box, to claim your discount. Make sure you type the code correctly and use the monthly or annual to match your plan and month. (You can copy and paste from here)

If you wish to pay an annual plan by check, select "Check" and you will receive automatically an invoice sent to your e-mail address. Please send a check within 30 days. (Your account will be active immediately.)

Discount Coupon Summary:

 TMxxx – [20% per month] applied by new monthly member, and returning active member.  Use the coupon for the month “xxx”. [For example, if you “sign-up” in June, you would apply the code “TMJUN”, and you would receive a discount for 7 months.]

            TMAPR             9 months         (expires 4-30-21)

            TMMAY           8 months         (expires 5-31-21)

            TMJUN             7 months         (expires 6-30-21)

            TMJUL             6 months         (expires 7-31-21)

            TMAUG           5 months         (expires 8-31-21)

            TMSEP             4 months         (expires 9-30-21)

            TMOCT            3 months         (expires 10-31-21)

            TMNOV           2 months         (expires 11-30-21)

            TMDEC             1 month          (expires 12-31-21)

 TAxxx – [20% one-time] applied by new annual member, and used to calculate discount for returning active annual members.  Use the coupon for the month “xxx”.  The one-time discount is a factor related to that month.  Each coupon expires at the end of the related month, so it is important to get the maximum one-time discount by using the coupon code correlating to the month of registration or re-connection.  [For example, if you “sign-up” in June, you would apply the code “TAJUN”, and you would receive a 17.5% discount.]

            TAAPR        22.5%  (expires 4-30-21)

            TAMAY       20.0%  (expires 5-31-21)

            TAJUN        17.5%  (expires 6-30-21)

            TAJUL         15.0%  (expires 7-31-21)

            TAAUG       12.5%  (expires 8-31-21)

            TASEP         10.0%  (expires 9-30-21)

            TAOCT        07.5%  (expires 10-31-21)

            TANOV       05.0%  (expires 11-30-21)

            TADEC          02.5%  (expires 12-31-21)

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