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Active Member (Reconnect)

Existing students to connect with

By Terry Treble
March 22, 2021

Active Member

If you had an active subscription on December 18, 2020, and wish to re-connect to your account and student users, then you should follow the standard procedure to create a membership plan. See “Sign Up” section for instructions.  

Note that there is a new pricing plan, and that you can control the number of student seats.  If your new plan has fewer seats than your old plan, your students will be “inactive” and you activate which students you wish to be active.  

Your existing administrator/member username and password is enabled.

 Active Member-Monthly Payment.  We will provide to you a credit to your account of any payment(s) made between December 18 and January 15 (when we closed our old payment system), and for days paid for following December 18.  We will be posting these credits as quickly as we can in a manual process AFTER YOU RE-CONNECT.  By applying the credit in this manner, we ensure that you receive the credit on your latest credit card account.  If we get everything entered in time, this credit should post in conjunction with your second credit card payment (reducing it).  In addition, we are offering a discount on your future monthly payments (due to not all games being present).  When you re-connect, you should apply the discount coupon code TMxxx. (see “Sign Up” below.)

Calculation of the credit will be affected by any payments declined by the credit card company in December and January.

Active Member-Annual Payment.  We are sending you a credit that is a monthly proration of the time you were unable to use the learning games (beginning December 18 through April 18, i.e., 4.0 months).  The formula is:  Credit = 4.0 x (AnnualRate/12). In addition, we are offering a discount on your payment (due to not all games being present) for the remainder of 2021.  The formula is: (Remaining months in your subscription from April 1 to December 31) x (Annual Rate/12 ) x DiscountRate.  This refund of credit plus discount is being made by check to the last address we had available in our learning management system (we no longer have access to the old payment system).  These will have to be manually done, so please be patient as we work our way through the process.  

If you have not received your refund by June 1, 2021 please contact us. (You may use the website contact form if you wish).  If your subscription renewal is before the end of 2021, then upon renewal (see “Sign Up” below) the discount is available to you.

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