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User Names and Passwords

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By Terry Treble
November 28, 2020

You may use from 4 to 25 characters in the User Name or the Password, but we recommend that you keep them short and memorable.

The User Name must be unique among the thousands of students in the community. If the User Name that you choose has already been used, you will see an error message. Try another User Name.

  • No spaces are allowed in User Name or Password.

  • No apostrophes can be used. For example, enter O’Connor as OConnor.

  • Not case sensitive (typing a capital or lower case is not important)

The Password should be something easily remembered. Passwords can be a duplicate of another password—they do not need to be unique. But they are case sensitive.

One suggestion for Student passwords is to use musical terms, e.g. "flat", "sharp", "key", "staff" for the password.

Forgotten Passwords

If a user forgets his or her password there is a small link below the login that can be used to re-set it. Please wait (a whole rest, not a sixteenth rest) for the system to send a notice to the e-mail address used in your membership with a new password. Once back in the system you may re-set to another password in the Settings/Security section.

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