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By Terry Treble
November 28, 2020

Dear Chris,
You have taught me well at MusicLearningCommunity.com!
Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
I am better at the piano all ready!
A student and a friend of MLC.com,
Kaia, 3rd grade, Sitka, AK

"I am an adult piano student who is taking lessons.
My piano teacher subscribes to your site. 
I play level 3 games every day & enjoy them. 
They also motivate me to play. Keep up the good work!"
Cheryl -- Mundelein, IL

"I love! your website. I am an elementary school teacher
and allowed the K-5th grade students to play the games
today in our computer lab.  
Every class unanimously LOVED it--boys included.
I love the fact that they are so academically sound. It really makes my lesson times so much more productive because they have practiced at home the concepts I've taught them in class and we can move so much quicker."
Cindy Cooper--Layton, UT

"I have noticed a significant improvement in my students.
Their parents also have told me that they enjoy
playing the games and are often proud
of their achievement when they meet a target score
on the quizzes and challenges.
As a teacher, I like being able to assign games that target
specific skills in need of development.
The games here at Music Learning Community 
are helping me achieve my studio goal
of growing well rounded musicians."
Clayton McMahon--Cordova, TN

"I interviewed a new student today
(a 12 yr. old beginning boy).
We pulled out the laptop and took a spin around your site.
He and his mother were VERY impressed.
I'm sure it helped to encourage them to choose my studio."
Kathi Russell--North Stonington, CT

"I cannot even put into words how helpful
your website has been for my students."
Marcia Vahl—MapleGrove, MN

"The ear training games have helped my students tremendously.
My Guild judge commented on how well all my students
did on their ear training musicianship phase."
Carol Feist—Austin, TX

"I am a very firm believer and practitioner of 
the engaging nature of ICT in Music education,
and MusicLearningCommunity provides an
excellent resource to continue engaging
and extending my students (and equips me with some fantastic ideas also!)
Thanks again for providing such a professional and relevant service "
David Taylor —Lynbrook School of Music
Victoria, Australia

"My students have been working on their online homework
from home. Parents are impressed :)
Your passion has help current teachers
to keep our music lesson fun.
I really appreciate your time in planning this.
Thank You so much, I will introduce it to my friends.:)"
Evelyn Soon—Singapore

"The games at Music Learning Community are great for my ADHD students. 
They grab their attention in a way that theory books do not. 
I still am giving a little written work for these students,
but focusing more on the online games. They love it!
Marguerite "Mandy" Muñoz, NCTM
Atlanta, GA

"My students are really enjoying doing their theory in a fun way!
Thank you for your guidance and frequent follow-ups."
Lynn Kimura—Honolulu, HI

"My students are LOVING the Games.
This Website is a real drawing card to keep kids
interested and wanting to learn!"
Cheryl Norman, NCTM—American Fork, UT

"Things are going great! I can't tell you how much
I appreciate your website! I am teaching
a small class of 5 and 6 year olds music concepts
with an emphasis in piano – their homework
is playing games on the computer.
Rachel Roy—Avondale, AZ

"Many thanks for your innovative work.
You are truly a leader in our field and we deeply appreciate
the time and expertise you have put into developing
such an enriching resource for our students to use."
Paige Freeborn —North Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

"I love how I can monitor which students have been
on the site and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
I have noticed significant improvement with sight-reading
new material at lesson time with several students.
Thank you for making such a rich learning experience for music students.
It is an invaluable tool for teachers."
Sue Hazen, Chico, CA

"I'm excited about using your materials
without worrying about being unable to utilize them
when I upgrade my hardware.
Thanks for your commitment to pedagogy 
and technology over the years!
Sheila Dacus, NCTM--Overland Park, KS

"My kids are going nuts with this! 
They LOVE the games, and I love the tracking, which is awesome.
I can quickly check what games they are playing and 
whether they are writing down their correct scores in their assignment logs.
I just went to the website to see what they have played in the last 2 weeks
and have 11 pages of scores to print out and review.
Sure wish this had been around when I was a kid taking piano lessons,
and when I first started teaching!"
Judy Hyland--Davenport, IA

"The students … are so proud and excited to have
their own user names and passwords."
Linda Barker, NCTM—Chicago, Illinois

"My most reluctant practicer had to be
pried away from the computer!"
Celia Nolan—Hull, MA

"Wow! What a fantastic site!"
Bobbie Rastall, NCTM—Frederick, MD

"Yesterday one of my beginning adult students
told me that she had a great time playing the games
and was looking forward to improving her scores.
Thank you again for a superb website!"
Donna Craig—Martinez, CA

I am so excited about your music games.
Wow! How wonderful. I especially love that there is a tutorial,
and lots of repetition with different games. Thank you, thank you. 
Wish I had these games 15 years ago.
Marilyn Hilton—N. Ogden, UT

"I have to tell you how much my students and I are enjoying your games. 
It is hard to get everyone into the habit of using them on a regular basis
but those who do get it are benefiting tremendously.
The games encourage the students to ask questions and that
translates into increased understanding of their repertoire. 
They analyze the music faster and it is fun. Even the parents love it."
Lynette Gray—Avon Lake, OH

I have been pleasantly surprised at how much
my students have used the site. 
Of course, they know it is part of their assignment, and they know
I can see the extent of their participation on my computer. :)
But some of them have knocked themselves out,
trying to get the highest score.  
(The High Score Board is very attractive to some.)
And my older adult students have found some of the easier ear-training games helpful. 
Thanks for all the work you have done to make this resource available to us. 
Janice Cook NCTM—Columbus, OH

"At our piano camp, one little girl said "It's too hard!"
about everything we did today until computer time.
She's a whiz at the computer things and
left with a big smile on her face! Thanks.
Jerie Gail Ramsey —Lamoni, IA

"Your site comes in handy when prospective families
come in to interview for lessons. It is always a big hit!
I'll do my best to help you fill up that
new capacity with new students!"
Jerry Cornish —Mesquite, TX

"Awesome! Just a note to tell you how
absolutely impressed I am with your website."
Marilyn Bruce—Bartlesville, OK

"You have created a masterpiece for the profession.
KUDOS to you!"
Helen Morrison, NCTM--Tampa, FL

"Gosh am I glad to have your expertise available.
You make my days easier! THANKS!!"
Jill Slayden, NCTM—Derby, KS

"I had kids jumping out of their seats, saying things like,
"Mom, I want to play this when I get home!"
Robyn McLaughlin—Carmichael, CA

This should be a lovely Christmas present
to my students – sure beats a candy cane!
Julia Fountain—Ajax, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so very much for creating such a
fabulous website! My students are having a ball
playing the games and don't even realize
how much they are learning by playing them."
Constance Kenney--Scottdale, AZ

My kids love playing the games and I feel so good about
providing them with something they can do at home.
Laurie Diaz--Fallbrook, CA

"The High Score Sheets work well with my students
because on certain weeks I leave one by the computer.  
When my students come for their lesson
they know which game I want them to do
and they keep track of their points on the High Score Sheet. 
They like to try and beat each others score.
Competition can be a useful tool."
Karla Williams--Concord, NC

"Music Learning Community has been great for
another segment of my studio - my adult group.
The games are popular with my adults and the drill
just cannot be replaced by anything we can accomplish in the lesson.
You are offering such a valuable service to piano teachers.
What a contribution you are making to our profession.
Marcia Vahl—MapleGrove, MN

"…once people play these games, they're HOOKED!
And knowing that teachers are able to cross-reference
the games with their method of choice
makes them tremendously appealing."
Michelle Gordon, NCTM -- Mattapoisett, MA

"Just a note to say "THANK YOU" for the
new student pages correlated with the Faber series.
This way of organizing the games is SO beneficial to my students. 
Thank you for all the
work and dedication to this web site."
Marilyn Bruce—Bartlesville, OK

"A tremendous hit! You have captured such a refreshing
and wholesome tone to these games and learning activities.
They are a delight to the eye, 
the sounds are splendid, the pedagogy is excellent,
three cheers – and then some!!"
Mary Gae George, NCTM -- Sandy, UT

"Every one of my students is assigned to use your program.
My boys especially love it. I think it's great.
I wrote out how to sign in and how to use the program
for each student. Then I told them what I
was assigning each one specifically
(we are zeroing in on some of their difficult spots!!)
and this is a part of their assignment for the week."
Debbie Christensen--Walla Walla, WA

"I wanted to thank you for creating such a
useful and helpful internet tool! 
The students are responding very well to the games.
(Even brothers and sisters are getting involved--
many that don't yet take lessons).
Great idea and excellent work!
LeRoy DuBois--Topeka, KS

"I heard about your website at the national convention for MTNA. 
I have been looking for a way to bring the computer into my studio, 
and I decided to give your website a try with my students. 
The results have been amazing. 
They are learning a lot, and having fun while they do it! 
I can't thank you enough."
Jenny Harris--Vancouver, WA

"I am so impressed with MusicLearningCommunity.com.
You have done a great job in making the games
relevant to the levels that most of us work with."
Patti Widener, NCTM--Portland, Oregon

"The read-then-play activity has improved several
very slow readers right in front of their parent's eyes!
Thanks to Chris and her team for making all this possible
at such a reasonable price!"
Judy Dalton--White Plains, MD

"A couple of years ago I spent over $2,000.00
on a laptop and various music theory software
and they don't even begin to compare with this website.
This is absolutely the best music resource I have ever come across...
Thank you, thank you for all your hard work!"
Cheryl Britt--Monroe, GA

"Our MMTA Student Achievement Testing is March 8-9
and this year I am really looking forward
to the experience with excitement, as opposed
to dreading the pressure to be sure we have covered
and crammed everything into our lessons."
Elaine Yanz--Dansville, MI

"I have to tell you how much my students and I
are enjoying your games. It is hard to get everyone into the habit 
of using them on a regular basis but those
who do get it are benefiting tremendously.
The games encourage the students to ask questions
and that translates into increased understanding of their repertoire.
They analyse the music faster and it is fun.
Even the parents love it."
Lynette Gray--Avon Lake, OH

"We are still loving the computer games.
The students are sure to ask me what their assignment
is for the week if I forget to tell them!!"
Amy Allen--Peducah, KY

"Thank you so very much for all the work you do on this site!
It has helped my students tremendously
especially with note reading."
Jeanine Edmonds--Renton, WA

"My students are so happy it's up and running!  
I can't believe how much they adore this site-it's awesome!! "
Joy Hasen--Springboro, OH

"Thank you also for your great games - all ages are doing well
and the games augment my teaching -
reassuring me that students are able to access 
learning possibilities at home and be reinforced during the process."
Sharon Giberson —Woodlands, WA

"The Chang students are jazzed about the possibilities
after playing on the trial membership this summer.
Thanks for a great site!"
Barbara Chang —Downers Grove, IL

"It's been fun assigning the games this week!
I'm excited to see how their skills progress!
Thanks for such a great way to get them practicing theory
and ear-training without taking limited lesson time!"
Pat Luce —Waukegan, IL

"We are all enjoying MusicLearningCommunity.
Thank you for providing this fun & valuable resource!"
Terri Halloran —Flower Mound, TX

"My students are LOVING the program, what a lot of work you did!!! 
It is just amazing checking on their work and seeing their enthusiasm (ALL ages!)."
Pamela Henley —Osprey, FL

"I am so thrilled with this website!
There is so much out there to sift through in
today's world of teaching.
You were the best thing I took away from NCKP
and there were many wonderful things offered."
Washington, DC

I thought the kids would find this more interesting than doing theory pages,
but two students have played over 20 games in one week.
One did that many since his lesson-last night.
I can't wait to see what this does for their musicality and ability to have conversations about music.
Thank you for following through with this idea of yours.
You deserve every bit of reward you receive.
Jeffrey Pettijohn - Pianist, Composer, Teacher
President, Seattle Music Teachers Association
Chairperson Simon-Fiset Competition

I'm loving it!
I've already included it in my lesson plans for the year!
Laura Vollen —Wichita, KS


"My most reluctant practicer had to be pried away from the computer!"
Celia Nolan—Hull, MA

"I had kids jumping out of their seats, saying things like,"Mom, I want to play this when I get home!""
Robyn McLaughlin—Carmichael, CA




Diane Owens
Assistant Professor of Music
Pre-Collegiate Director
Howard Payne University - Texas

I am the Pre-College Music Director at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. Our program enrolls approximately 80 – 100 school-aged students each semester. The majority of our faculty consists of the music majors at our small university. Lessons are offered in piano, voice, guitar, violin, harp, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Due to time constraints – one 45 minute private lesson per week – the teachers were finding it very difficult to spend the amount of time necessary to prepare our students for the State Theory Test. Theory was becoming an all-consuming project and often the instrument studied was neglected in order to work on theory lessons. We provide a computer lab for our Pre-College students, and have used many of the software products available on the market, but often the students were not able to attend the lab sessions before or after their lessons because of over-crowded schedules.

I was looking for a solution, when, while attending the Music Teachers National Convention in Austin last year, I met Christine Hermanson and she introduced me to MusicLearningCommunity.com. Not only are the games fun and challenging, but they coordinate perfectly with our State Theory Test. If a student cannot attend a lab session on campus, they can work on theory assignments at home on their computer. All they need is our school ID and password. We have found that the students are much more willing to complete their computer assignments – they are FUN! – and they are much more prepared at the time of the State Theory Test.

I highly endorse MusicLearning Community.com and recommend it as a comprehensive tool for teaching theory in a private studio or group program.

MusicLearningCommunity.com provides a wonderful learning experience for music students!

Mary Gae George, NCTM
Author of Artistry at the Piano
Sandy, UT

"My Introduction class is really enjoying your site. The mother of the youngest student told me that her daughter sometimes gets frustrated when she can't get the high scores right away. So we had a heart-to-heart about the fun and encouragement of easy activities and the really important learning we accomplish with the more difficult ones. The icing on the cake is that the hard ones soon become easy for us when we go back and review them regularly. This brought a big smile from all the mothers and wide eyes from the children!!"


Patricia Banks
Associate Professor of Music/Music Technology
Howard Payne University Brownwood, TX

"Thank you so much for these wonderful games for beginning music students. I attended every one of your workshops for many years, and always learned a great deal. It was an absolute delight to work through the tutorials and play the games. I am positive that the 100 students in our Precollege Dept. will thoroughly enjoy them each week. Now--if you would only write some programs for College Students!"


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