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By Terry Treble
August 31, 2021


Future Use - will contain reports that can be run to view and print. Examples are student rosters, student score reports, assignments


Teacher Resources - links to Help Center

Upload csv of new students

Purpose - This utility will load new students into the member student list from a spreadsheet saved as a .csv file.

Template - A template is provided that creates the spreadsheet with the proper columns. You may use your own spreadsheet as long as its columns are in the same order as the template and that it is saved as a CSV file. Click on "Download Template"

The first three fields are required. The remaining four are optional.

(1) Student First Name.

(2) Student Last Name.

++Names Fields: The First Name and Last Name will be concatenated and placed into the Real Name field in the form "Lastname, Firstname". (If you want a different order, reverse your data entry, i.e. put last name in first name field.)

(3) Student User Name

++Username - The username must be unique. If it is not, the utility will not load the student record. You may edit the spreadsheet usernames and re-load the spreadsheet. Those student records previously loaded will show as errors, but the edited student (if now unique) will load.

(4) Student Password

++Passwords - If the password is left blank a password will be created from a list of musical terms with random digits suffix, e.g. "harp32", "tone84".(5) Active Status
++Active - If this column contains a "Y" the student will be entered as active. If the number of available student seats is exceeded, those exceeding the limit will be inactive, but the student will be loaded.

(6) Teacher Real Name

++Teacher Name - This must be entered exactly as the teacher name appears in the Dashboard.

(7) Course Assignment

++Course Assignment - This is an ID number of the initial Course assignment for the student. Generally this is the beginning course in an automated Sequence. Those numbers are listed below. If you want to assign any other Course beginning assignment you must look up the ID number at this link.

CSV File Fields:
Required 1-Student First Name  
Required 2-Student Last Name
Required 3-Student User Name
Optional  4-Student Password 
Optional  5-Active Status (Y for Active, blank for Inactive)
Optional  6-Teacher Real Name
Optional  7-Course Assignment ID#

The beginning ID numbers of the sequences are:

  • 657 is LIFE Primary 1A Assignment 1

  • 776 is SOLF Primary 1A Assignment 1

  • 896 is EVAL Primary 1A B. Intervals

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