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Announcements of new features

By Terry Treble
April 8, 2021


09-01-21 Student Load Utility added under Resources (formerly Teacher Resources) used to upload new students from a .csv file. Passwords automatically created, as well as teacher and course assignments, as options. Schools, in particular, need to add a large number of students to the system. There are two options: (1) load all student data; (2) load only names and the system creates the usernames and passwords.

08-20-21 Students Mass activate utility, Mass de-activate utility,

08-17-21 Additions to Dashboard of Purchase Order number, School Name, Comments, Alt Name, Alt email, Alt phone.

07-26-21 Fixed problem with adding seats to annual subscription. Updated Help Center.

07-26-21 Game playing screen is now centered and larger.

07-26-21 Delete student course assignments

07-18-21 Automated sequence now available with 52 % of games installed.

07-10-21 Existing student game scores history loaded and scores report function added (can view and/or print student scores)

07-05-21 Game scores appear next to game name in Assignment list

04-06-21 Added game name search to All Games.

In Development Queue

  • Assign individual game to student

  • App for MIDI on iOS

  • Student list sort options

  • Reports

  • Transfer student between members

  • Assign level of mastery % to individual student

  • Achievement badges and certificates

  • Challenge Games Scoreboard

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