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By Terry Treble
April 8, 2021

1-8-22 Games added with fixes to reported problems.

10-17-21 Games added: Musical Memory Challenge 1, Music Memory Keyboard Challenge 1, Musical Memory Keyboard Challenge 2, Harmonic Minor Memory 1, Natural Minor Memory 1

10-15-21 Several game fixes. Added Musical Memory CDE, Musical Memory CDEFG, Musical Memory CDEG, MIDI Memory Playback 1, MIDI Memory Playback 2

08-30-21 Being loaded this week. Twenty-four games added: Rhythm Writer 1-6 (learn, play, quiz, review. Games now at 58%.

08-21-21 Eight games added: Time Signature Blimp 1, 2 (learn, play, quiz, review)

08-20-21 Twelve games added: Pentascale Toolbox 1,2,3 (learn, play, quiz, review) Games now at 56%.

08-19-21 We have had some reports of drag and drop not working on iPads. We are working on this.

08-18-21 Addition of Bulk Activate and Bulk Deactivate functions to Student List.

08-17-21 The list of students under Dashboard/Students is in alphabetical order by Name field.

08-17-21 Game numbers now appear in the All Games selection.

08-17-21 Additions to the Dashboard/Settings of Comments, School Name, Alt Name, Alt Phone, Alt E-mail.; all of which can be seen by MLC support staff.

08-17-21 Additions to the Dashboard/Subscription of Purchase Order field.

08-17-21 Can change status on annual subscription to cancel and change to a monthly or to reduce seats prior to annual renewal.

08-17-21 Can now edit the e-mail address. Get a notice/block if it is already in use.

08-17-21 Activate/deactivate students still being worked on, but unnecessary deactivations have been prevented.

08-17-21 Twelve games updated: Step Right Up 1,2,3 (learn, play, quiz, review) Games now at 55%

08-6-21 Update note. Float a note games not working properly and drag and drop do not work on touch screens. Should be fixed shortly.

07-27-21 Eight games updated: Climbing High 1, 2; Climbing Higher 1-3 (learn, play, quiz, review) Games now at 54%

07-26-21 Game centered on game play screen and larger

07-26-21 Ability to delete student assignments

07-23-21 Nine games updated: Alpha Steps & Skips 1-3 (learn, play, quiz, review) Games now at 53%

07-16-21 Twenty-four games updated: Catch the Coconut 1-4, Manny's Short & Long 1,2 (learn, play quiz, review. Games at 52%.

07-09-21 Thirty-two games updated: Music Darts 1,2,3,4; Falling Chords 1,2,3,4 (learn, play, quiz, review). Games activated are now at 51%. Here and there some stages are still not activated.

06-29-21 The All Games game play now scores properly.

06-22-21 Make sure to log in with Username and Password, not with e-mail address. The forgotten password utility will send a temporary password to your e-mail address currently in our database.

06-22-21 Scores history for pre-existing students will be loaded shortly.

06-10-21 Temporarily a user cannot upgrade from SOLO to ENSEMBLE without cancelling the SOLO first.

06-08-21 Bugs worked out to get activated games to 47%.

05-26-21 Falling Symbols, Handprints, and Letterfly games are not working properly--we are debugging. Over 40% of games are now activated.

05-24-21 Twenty-eight games updated today: Falling Symbols 4,5; Floating Inversions 1,2,3; Floating Triads 1,2; Cosmic Key Signatures 1,2; Rhythm Rally 1,1A,2; Rhythm Regatta 1,2,3,4,5; Note Flakes 1,2; Note Flakes Diatonic Intervals 1,2; Interval Surprise 1,2; Key Signature Warehouse 1,2,3; Key Signature Keynotes 1,2 (110 game/stages)

05-02-21 Fifteen games updated today: Pick the Pattern 2; Pick the Pattern Forte Piano; Pick the Pattern Loud Soft; Falling Symbols 1,2,3; Melody Match 1,2,3,4; Rhythm Rockets 1,2,3,4,5 (60 game/stages).

04-30-21 All Games menu now shows Games first, then Game/Stages second.

04-19-21 Eleven games updated today: Hand Prints; Faster-Slower-Same 1, 2, 3; Steady As She Goes; Pick the Pattern 1; Meteor Match 1, 1A,2,3,4. (44 game/stages)

04-19-21 Login/Register screen had language added to clarify that Login is for existing members and Register is to create new memberships.

04-17-21 Some existing customers are trying to login with Teacher credentials. You have to login first with Administrator credentials and then re-activate Teachers.

04-07-21 You can subscribe to a PRELUDE free trial and experiment with the new learning management system. Then take the discount when you subscribe to SOLO or ENSEMBLE.

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