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Down the Road

Time frame to be determined

By Terry Treble
April 1, 2021

Additional Game Sequences

We have plans for two more generic sequences that match several common piano-teaching methods.

Additional Games

We want to add some more games in Level 5 and Level 6.

Christine Hermanson Grant Program

Implementation of a sponsor code system that will enable use of the the Christine Hermanson Grant Program providing free General Music programs to schools.

State Achievement Programs Sequences

We are not sure how to do this yet, but we want to provide sequencing of games to match individual state programs. We made need assistance from teachers in these states in helping us keep these updated.

Marketing and Instructional Videos

We already have a start on this. Terry Treble will present instruction on how to play games and about the concepts being covered. These can be inserted in sequences as well as individually played. Blog

Our current blog will be re-vamped and reintroduced. The focus will be more on newsletter-like articles.

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