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When all else fails

By Terry Treble
March 30, 2021

We endeavor to make this Help Center our primary means of supporting our members. But we understand that we may not have covered everything, or may not be aware of a problem, or our member has a specific need. So we offer a process of tracked Support Requests.

Help Center

First utilize this Help Center to get information about the issue in question. We really encourage our members to try to find the answer in the Help Center because that is really the fastest service we can provide, and most of the time the answer will be found here. If the issue has not been covered here, it means we probably need to do some research for you.

Support Request

Here are the steps to create a Support Request that will automatically go into our system queue for assignment.

To create a support ticket, EMAIL US BY CLICKING HERE

(1) OR Create an e-mail addressed to:

(2) In the subject line type:

MLC Support Request

(3) Issue. Provide a succinct one-sentence opening line about the issue (e.g.,"game does not play", "trouble creating new teacher", "unsure how to change credit card information")

(4) Area. Further describe the area of the problem and Role involved, e.g., game-playing by student, data searching by teacher, financial issue by admin.

(5) When. Name the circumstances under which the issue arises, e.g., "did this first", "then this happened", "tried this".

(6) Member ID number is helpful to make sure that we respond to the right person. Student ID numbers should be provided if the problem involves a particular student situation that we can investigate.

(7) Game ID number. If a specific game is involved, please identify with the actual game number with the name (e.g. GAM-1290-1 Interval Aliens 4-Learn) and name of the student playing the game.

(8) Send the e-mail.

This will route directly to our support team and will be numbered and placed in a queue where it can be assigned to the correct person. Response will be by e-mail so that you have a reference document as quickly as possible. (Generally, within 24 hours.) You may be referred to a Help Center section you missed that has the full answer.

Suggestions - We welcome suggestions from our members about how we can improve The new design structure permits us to make enhancements over time, many of which have been intended for years. Use the Support Ticket for making suggestions and we will route these accordingly, and respond with an acknowledgement so that you know if the suggestion is already planned.

Future - The Phase 1 Re-deployment in April of 2021 has full functionality, but will be rounded out with Phase 2 as quickly as possible. Addition of enhancements should have no effect on member's use, except to make things better.

Telephone - We continue to maintain a toll-free telephone service line 855-687-4240 where you can leave messages and receive a call back when a two-way conversation makes sense.

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