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By Terry Treble
March 29, 2021

We try to be careful to keep e-mail to a minimum, and will refer to the Help Center for answers, rather than providing long e-mails. And we are sensitive to maintain the "chain-of-command" for communications, especially with schools. Our unsolicited out-going e-mail will be primarily notices of new features, and comes from TerryTreble.

Contacting Us via E-mail

Our support tickets and primary contact e-mail is using Terry Treble. Multiple people receive this thread, so response can be the best. Use the following e-mail address for primary contact with us: TerryTreble@MusicLearningCommunity.com

If you need to contact an individual member of our team for reasons other than support, here are their e-mail addresses:

Kathy@MusicLearningCommunity.com - Customer Support

Bill@MusicLearningCommunity.com - Business

Paul@MusicLearningCommunity.com - CEO, Marketing

Brian@MusicLearningCommunity.com - Technical Support

Eric@MusicLearningCommunity.com - Systems Integration

Contacting Our Members via E-Mail

Students - For security and child-protection reasons we do not obtain any student e-mail addresses (except Adult Students/Subscribers). If a student contacts us with questions, we will respond by directing them to their Teacher, and we do not retain the e-mail address except in the e-mail system history.

Teachers - Normally we do not have direct contact with Teachers in the role of Teacher. And entering an e-mail address into the Teacher set-up is an option to be used by Administrators, rather than us. Conversations regarding the educational elements will be addressed readily, but conversations regarding the financial set-up will be handled only in conjunction with the Administrator(s).

Administrators - When we produce an outgoing e-mail to members it is directed at the Subscription-Administrator, and simultaneously to any Teacher-Admin that is set up.

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