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Game Playing- Sequences

This is where the learning takes place

By Terry Treble
March 29, 2021


You will see a list of games to be played to complete the Assignment. There can be as few as 5 and as many as 10 different games. These are all locked so that they must be played in order. Click on the game picture or the game name to play the game.

Game Stages

Games are presented in Stages:

--Learn - this is the first stage and is a tutor to help you learn.

--Play - this stage is for practicing until you feel you have learned the concept. You may play as many times as you want, getting better scores.

--Quiz - this stage is just a little harder. You want to achieve the target score that shows that you have learned the concept

--Challenge - for some games there is this additional stage that allows you to try to get higher and higher scores. And you can compare your scores with other students around the world on the Challenge Board. (not yet active).

--Review - in a later assignment you will encounter a review stage. This is designed to make sure that you have retained an understanding of the concept you learned when you were in the Play and Quiz stages.


Each game has a target score. When you play a game all the way to the end the score you achieved will be recorded in your scores history record. Each time you play the same game the score will be recorded. The First score you get, the Best score that you get, and the Last score that you get are kept.

For the next game to be unlocked the student must achieve the target score on the previous game.

Return to Dashboard

When you are done playing any game, you may return to your Dashboard by clicking the back arrow in your browser at the top left, or you may click on Dashboard in the drop-down menu by your name.

Playing Ahead

If a student wishes to play a game in the Assignment out of sequence--in other words, wants to skip ahead--this cannot be done in the Assignment. But a student may go to the All Games menu and find that particular game, which can then be played.

When this game shows up in an Assignment, it will already have a score, but it may be played again and a new score achieved.

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