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Games assigned by your Teacher

By Terry Treble
March 29, 2021


This provides a list of games to be played (Sequence-Assignment combinations) that have been assigned to the you. Clicking on the "Title" takes the you to Game Playing.

The list is in order, with the most recent Assignment on top. When an Assignment has been completed, the next Assignment will show up in this list.

Game Scores

Selecting this button allows you to download a report that will show all games you have played and what the FIRST, LAST, and BEST scores were and the date you made the score. The Target Score is what you are trying to achieve, showing that you have mastered the concept being taught.

You may view this report on the screen, or may download to your computer and save and/or print the report.

Your computer or tablet needs to have a spreadsheet program such as Excel on it, or an application like Numbers that will read an .xlsx file. There are apps or applications available for free or little charge.

Badges (Not active yet)

This shows the awards you have achieved by your progress playing the games.

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