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By Terry Treble
March 27, 2021

PLANS - In addition to a free trial PRELUDE subscription, we offer four other subscription plans, SOLO, paid monthly or annually, and ENSEMBLE, paid monthly or annually.  Monthly subscriptions are paid by an automatic credit card payment--on the same day each month--using our secure online payment system.  Annual subscribers may pay by credit card or check, tying to an automatic invoicing system.

CONTRACTS AND FEES – There are no contracts or hidden fees.  There are no refunds given, except as specified for an unintended annual renewal.  We offer a PRELUDE free trial that provides a potential member with full access to the learning management system and games so that suitability may be assessed prior to obtaining a paid subscription.

STUDENT SEATS - Member subscribers have the ability to self-manage their accounts within our financial system area.  Subscription pricing is based upon the plan selected and the number of student seats required.  The number of student seats may be increased or decreased on monthly plans, and increased on annual plans, at any time.  Students occupying seats may be made inactive, freeing the seats for use by other students.  The inactive student’s records are maintained, and, if a seat is available, the student may be re-activated.

For annual plans the addition of student seats will be billed immediately, based upon proration to the end of the annual subscription period.  The change in seats takes place immediately so that new students can be accommodated, and payment is expected to be made within 30 days.

For monthly plans the addition or reduction of student seats will be billed or credited, respectively, based upon proration to the end of the monthly billing period. On the following billing cycle the amount charged to the credit card will be adjusted by the additional billing or credit, respectively.

PAUSE SUBSCRIPTION - Monthly subscriptions may be paused (made dormant) and credit card charges will cease until the re-start date, maintaining the existing billing cycle.

SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL/CANCELLATION - Annual subscriptions are automatically renewed, unless cancelled, and no proration credits are provided upon cancellation.  If an unintended annual renewal takes place and a credit card is charged, we will refund the full charge upon notice to us within 30 days of the charge. Monthly subscriptions, once initiated will continue without termination until cancelled by the member.

Membership subscriptions may be cancelled at any time through the self-management system.  Your membership will remain active through the current billing cycle.

MEMBERSHIP REACTIVATION. – User credentials remain intact when a member cancels.  Thus, if a member wishes to reactivate their subscription, they may log in and use the self-management system to re-subscribe to a plan the same or different from previous.  Teachers and students will be automatically in-active, and may be re-activated according to the subscription’s available student seats.

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