Dashboard- "Teachers"

Administrator roles only

By Terry Treble
March 29, 2021

This area provides for management of Teachers. The screen defaults to a list of existing Teachers:


  • User Name

  • Real Name

  • Status - Active or InActive

  • Controls - Edit or Delete

Add a Teacher by selecting "New Teacher"

  • Fill in the Teacher's Name and User Name

  • E-mail address is optional

  • A Strong Password will be suggested, but a custom one may be entered. It must be entered a second time for validation.

Delete Teacher

  • Selecting the trash can icon will delete a Teacher record after a confirmation is also chosen.

  • A new Teacher can be created and all of the deleted Teachers students may be reassigned to the new Teacher.

Edit Teacher

  • All of the Teacher identification elements may be edited.

  • A Teacher may be made Inactive, or made Active again.

  • When a Teacher is inactive a box appears to the right. If you want the Teacher to automatically reactivate at a future date, put that date in the "Until Date" box. Upon that date being reached, if the Teacher logs in, they will automatically be re-activated.

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