Dashboard- "All Games"

Selection of individual games

By Terry Treble
March 24, 2021


  • There are 120 pages of games with names and thumbnail images.

  • You may search for pages using the selection numbers at the bottom

  • Any game may be played by clicking on the name (or thumbnail image).

  • Use the browser back arrow to return from the game to the All Games pages.

  • All roles may play games, but only Students roles will have the game score history retained. (Teachers do not occupy student seats)

  • If a game is played from All Games and is later encountered in a Sequenced Assignment, the student's score will be present, but the game may be re-played and a new score obtained.

Selection Criteria

  • Selection criteria can be used to narrow choices. These are logically organized from left to right.

  • At the far right you may search by game name or portion of game name.

  • When a selection choice is made, the screen immediately updates to restrict the games presented. As more selections are made, the presented choices are further restricted. This also reduces the number of pages (which can be browsed using the page numbers at the bottom)

  • Pressing the "Clear Search" button returns all of the selection criteria to ALL

Default/ List

  • This option can toggle the games presentation from pages of thumbnails (default) to a list form. Games may be played by selection from the list.

Clear Search

This option restores all search criteria to the "All" position.

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