Dashboard- "Settings"

For all roles, unless indicated otherwise

By Terry Treble
March 24, 2021


  • Member number (helpful to use in support communication

  • Name-can be updated

  • E-mail address can be updated. This is the e-mail address which uniquely defines a member.

Profile (Admins only)

  • Phone numbers and alternate e-mail address

Address (Admins only)

  • Address, city, state, zip, country

  • This information is required for annual payment invoicing.

User Admin - [Only Subscriber-Admin] Manage Teacher-Admin Role. The Subscriber- Admin can delegate all duties except Subscription updates to a Teacher-Admin.

  • Subscriber-Admin can still perform same duties as the Teacher-Admin, as needed.

  • If you "Create New Teacher-Admin User" fill in the Name, UserName, E-mail address, and Password for that new User.

  • Alternatively, if you "Assign Existing User as Teacher-Admin," then another selection box appears, and you can choose an existing User to become the Teacher-Admin

  • By choosing "Assign Existing User as Teacher-Admin", and selecting the current Subscriber-Admin name, all duties are delegated back to the Subscriber-Admin (the Teacher-Admin Role is effectively eliminated and the former Teacher-Admin is just a Teacher Role again.)

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Security [Except Student Role] - Change password

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