Cancelling Members

Cancelled between 12/18/2020 and 04/01/21

By Terry Treble
March 22, 2021

Cancelling between 12/18/2020 and 04/01/2021

Members who were active as of December 18, 2020, and who decided to cancel before we re-deployed our learning management and payment systems will be given a full cash refund of any payments made during that period, or if on an annual plan, a pro-rated portion of the annual fee.  

We do not have your credit card information, therefore the refund will be made by check to the last address we had available in our learning management system (we no longer have access to the old payment system).  These will have to be manually done, so please be patient as we work our way through the process.  

If you have not received your refund by June 1, 2021 please contact us. (You may use the website contact form if you wish).

If you later change your mind and wish to re-establish your membership, you can follow the “Dormant Member” instructions above, and the discount being offered is available to you.

 Cancelling after 04/01/2021

Active Members who have reconnected, and then find that they are dissatisfied and wish to cancel before July 1, 2021, should contact us on our toll-free telephone line 855-687-4240. Please do not use the self-management "Cancel" feature. We want to make sure that you receive proper credit, and it is helpful and faster if your account is still active. After July 1, 2021 there will be no special considerations for those deciding to cancel.

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