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Introduction to Transition.

Quick Overview of Redeployment 4-1-2021. It is important for members to read this Category for important information, and to make sure you take advantage of available discounts.

By Terry Treble
March 22, 2021

Redeployment. We are re-deploying our learning management system now, since the basic system Phase 1 is complete.  But not all of our learning games have been converted from Adobe Flash into HTML-5.  We decided, based upon numerous requests, that we are re-starting with what games we have completed, and will add new games weekly as conversions are completed.  Phase 2 enhancement features not essential for go-live April 1 will follow during this year. 


  • PLEASE READ more details in Help Center.

  • Browser - use one of the approved browsers to get to (Do not use Puffin browser)

  • Login - with existing username and password. (Do not use e-mail address for username unless that is how you previously logged in). Not case sensitive. If you use the Forgot Password utility it will be sent to the e-mail address last used with your account.

  • Register - to create new username and password if you are a new member

  • PRELUDE - Automatically become a free PRELUDE member for one month

  • Play around - Check out the website and experiment (do not use existing student usernames)

  • Subscribe - When ready, Subscribe to a paid Plan

  • Reconnect - Reconnect with existing account or start new

  • Activate Students - Any existing students will be listed under "Students" on you dashboard. Select the edit icon to activate the ones you wish to use.

  • Profile/Settings - Make sure that the Subscriber Admin e-mail is entered correctly--that is where the monthly or annual invoice will be sent.


We needed to re-deploy before we could finish a few items that we intended to be more solid. So there are a few issues we are fixing.

  • DO NOT USE PUFFIN on mobile devices. This alternative browser was a requirement with our old games, but does not work with the new environment.

  • We could not get all of our games re-coded in time. Most are now there and we will keep loading more as we go along. We apologize for the length of time this is taking, but quality was a priority rather than speed.

  • As a result of not all games being present, students cannot play all sequenced assignments yet. The All Games menu can be used to find games. However, any missing games do not prevent completion of an Assignment.

  • MIDI keyboards cannot be used yet with iOS tablets (Apple) until our new app is in the Apple Store (shortly). You can use MIDI with Apple computers using the Chrome browser, and on PC, Chromebooks and Android.

  • For support we have provided this Help Center, but if you have further question Just send us a regular e-mail.

What's New!

See General Information for more details, but here is a summary of what's new.

  1. Help Center. This gives you valuable information at your fingertips in an organized structure. Look here first before you need to contact us. This is our primary means of supporting our members. You may use the search box to find particular items.

  2. Games in HTML-5. The learning games have been re-written into HTML-5 and work on computers and mobile devices, although tablets are recommended, as cell phone screens are too small. The screen design uses the horizontal landscape orientation.

  3. MIDI updates. If a game includes an interactive keyboard component, that game may be played on a MIDI keyboard via USB or Bluetooth. There are some browser restrictions--see Technical category. (There are no longer separate MIDI games.) For Apple iOS we needed to create a special app to run MIDI, you may obtain this at the Apple Store for free soon.

  4. User Roles structure. Described in General Information, administration and use of the system is significantly enhanced.

  5. Subscription levels. PRELUDE, SOLO, and ENSEMBLE plans provide for meeting all needs. Pricing has changed for the first time since 2005, but we worked very hard to keep them very low.

  6. Account Self-Management. The subscriber has complete control over almost all aspects of the system, including credit card updates, adding and reducing student seats, activating and inactivating students, pausing subscriptions, changing roles, moving to different plans, and more.

  7. Automated Sequencing. Teachers assign students to a "Sequence" (e.g. Lifetime Musician), and starting Assignment, and each time the student logs into their Student Dashboard and selects "Courses" he or she is presented with the next Assignment in the sequence that needs to be played.

  8. All Games Search. Access to all games is still available, but a multi-tiered search capability has been added. And there is an option to list all games and select from the list.

  9. Evaluation Sequence. Assignment to newly acquired students of this sequence allows the teacher to evaluate the student's degree of mastery of various skill categories.

  10. Learning Management System (LMS) . Dashboards, Roles Assignments, Account Management, Game Playing, etc. are all done within a new LMS, based on a structure that will support future enhancements.

  11. Responsive Design for Screens. To optimize for mobile devices the learning management system and game screens adjust to screen size. At this time cell phone screens are too small and tablets in horizontal mode are recommended instead.

  12. Support Ticket system. (future) If a member cannot solve a problem through use of this Help Center, then a Support Ticket can be created that routes directly to our Subscriber Support area for efficient handling.

  13. Archive 2015. In the Help Center you can find an archive of information from the previous version of

  14. More. We have more planned that we will announce as the features are completed. These will include instructional videos as well as technical features. We are not done!

Registration/Login Status. For reconnecting members, existing usernames and passwords are active for only the "Subscription Administrator". Teacher Admins must be created (if needed), teachers re-activated, and students re-activated before games may be played. Students are already automatically assigned to the Lifetime Musician Sequence at Level Primary 1A (the beginning). Teachers will need to reassign students to the desired level.

Plan Selection. We have a new financial system. So no payment information is present. We need members to select their plan and establish new financial and payment plan information in the system. (See "Sign-Up" below)

Thank You. We extend a sincere thank you to all of our members past and present that have made a world-wide success. We know that many thousands of music students have benefitted, and through their music the world is a better place.

Bugs/Suggestions. With all new software there are things that might not work that we missed, or confusing instructions. We do appreciate feedback on things that are not working right. We also appreciate suggestions of features you would like to see--some of which we may already have under development for Phase 2.

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