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Lifetime Musician -- Our Fundamental Goal

The foundation of the Lifetime Musician Curriculum

By Terry Treble
November 28, 2020

The Lifetime Musician is an active participant in music-making, not a just a spectator. Lifetime Musicians have a music "skill-set" broad enough to be able to learn new music without having to listen to a recording. These musicians can read, write, think and create in the universal language of music, and can continue learning new music on their own for a lifetime of music enjoyment.

The cornerstone of a Lifetime Musician is the guidance of a dedicated, professional music teacher who understands the multi-dimensional nature of music training. This teacher follows a comprehensive music curriculum that trains the eye, the ear and the fingers, and develops higher order thought processes.

Music listening and reading skills are quickly learned and mastered when presented and practiced through multimedia instructional games. Students work independently, at their own pace, and as each skill is mastered, the teacher guides the student to apply the skills in higher levels of music performance.

The specific skills of a Lifetime Musician include:

Aural -- Inner Hearing. Hear with the ears, hear with the eyes

Visual -- Music Literacy. Read, write, think, and create in the traditional language of music

Kinesthetic-- Performance Abilities. Instrumental and vocal technique; expressive qualities.

The skills mastered through are the foundation of a Lifetime Musician. The learning games feature animation, musical sound, sound effects, scores, and timers to keep students interested and progressing. When taught correctly, and with patient practice, anyone, regardless of age, can make beautiful music!

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